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Almost Raw Vegan “Sugar” Cookies


These cookies are pretty simple, but you do need a dehydrator to make them. I call them “sugar” cookies because that’s how they end up looking, but I actually sweeten them with maple syrup.

Almost Raw “Sugar” Cookies

Almond flour (you can just grind your own if you have almonds)

Maple Syrup

Vanilla Bean or Pure Vanilla Extract

Dash of salt

Just combine all the ingredients in a bowl, spread out the dough on a sheet of wax paper and start making cookie cutouts. If you don’t have cookie cutters, just use a jar lid to make rounds or cut out shapes with a butter knife. If you do have cookie cutters, I would suggest not using the fancy ones. This dough is a bit sticky and the complex shapes probably won’t go over well. I started mine using a snail shape (that I thought was a whale) and a reindeer. I ended up going with hearts. Sweet and simple. Put in the dehydrator for 2-4 hours.



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